The WordPress Bot Attack

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So, there’s plenty of news about the 90,000 node bot that’s currently trying to gain admin access to WordPress sites by brute-force guessing admin passwords. Since WordPress is a popular content management system used to run many blogs and websites, chances are a number of technical writers in our community are dealing or need to deal with mitigating the threat from this attack.

There are a number of things you can/should do to harden your site…the most important being to USE STRONG PASSWORDS!

I installed the Limit Login Attempts more out of curiosity. I’ve seen it recommended in a number of places, but was curious what it would do against a 90,000 node bot. Seems to me like it wouldn’t be that effective…

Still, moments after installing, I get this report:

Screen capture of IP addresses locked out of site.

Each lockout stops an IP from logging in (or trying to) for 20 minutes. After 4 lockouts, you’re banned for a much longer amount of time.

Not the best solution, but it at least shows me that I’m being targeted…

If you host a WordPress site, you really need to make sure you are using strong passwords for your admin accounts. There are also a host of other steps you can be taking to harden your site against attacks.

Please add good resources in the comments!

Plug-ins Worth Considering

  • Limit Login Attempts – Probably a useful plugin in general, but of limited utility against a botnet composed of 90,000 nodes…
  • Better WP Security – This one looks pretty solid and I see it recommended frequently, but make sure you have solid backups and have tested recovery before throwing it on an established site. …And yeah, read the manual first.

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