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Once you have a blogging account on the STC Eastern Iowa website, you’re ready to begin blogging. It’s an easy process, but it may be unfamiliar to first time bloggers. Video and written instructions for posting to the blog are provided below.


  1. Open the STC Eastern Iowa website Login page at
  2. A screen capture of the STC Eastern Iowa website login page.
  3. Type your username and password in the corresponding fields, then click Log In. The Dashboard page opens.
  4. Screen capture of the STC Eastern Iowa Dashboard page.
  5. Click Posts, then New Post in the left-side administration menu. The Add New Post page opens.
  6. Screenshot of the WordPress Add New Post page.
  7. Type a title for the post in the corresponding field. Good titles catch the reader’s attention and pull them in to the body of your post. They also tend to reflect or indicate the content and subject of a post.
  8. Screen capture of the WordPress add new post page with "Blogging with STC Eastern Iowa!" in the title field.
  9. Type the body content for your post in the corresponding field. You can use either the HTML markup view, or the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor to write your content.
  10. Select the Blog checkbox in the Category group on the right sidebar. Clear the Uncategorized checkbox if it is selected. All other fields and options on the Add New Post page should be ignored.
  11. Screenshot of WordPress new post page showing the Blog category checkbox selected.
  12. Click Publish. Your post is immediately published to the STC Eastern Iowa website blog.

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