Attend this event to learn the attractive features of Distributed Version Control (DVC) software and how you can use this kind of tool.

DVC Systems enable writers to track changes in documents, to recover previous versions of a document, to exchange and merge contributions with other members of a team, and to publish and distribute their work. Each member of a team works with a complete copy of a product, and so all can work in parallel. Because authors can work online or offline, authors can work anywhere.

Git and Mercurial are two popular DVC Systems. GitHub and Bitbucket are widely used services on the Web that provide storage for documents that authors create, track, and share with Git and Mercurial. The speaker will show us how to get started with these tools.

About the Presenter

Leon Tabak teaches computer science at Cornell College. He began his career as a technical writer, then worked in marketing, technical support, and software engineering before becoming a professor. He and his students use the tools that he will demonstrate.

Leon is also an active volunteer with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In work for several organizations, Leon has long supported the College Board’s Advanced Placement program.



Tuesday, September 12

5:30 pm Social Time and Networking
6:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Program


Longbranch (Best Western) Restaurant
Hotel and Convention Center
90 Twixt Town Road, NE
Cedar Rapids


Chapter meetings are open to the public. STC members and students are asked to pay a $5 program fee. Non-STC members are asked to pay a $10 program fee. Attendees are responsible for their own dinner and beverage costs.

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